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STLHD Mystery Box

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Looking for the best bang for your buck? Snag a Mystery Box! All Mystery Boxes come with a random assortment of STLHD products - including unreleased, current & discontinued models. 

Choose your size. Each box is chosen at random and contains three randomly selected products that may include:

  1. STLHD Hat  
  2. STLHD Tee (1 guaranteed)
  3. STLHD Hoodie

*You will receive at least ONE tee shirt. The remaining items are random.

$85+ Value! 

No exchange policy. 

Due to the heavily discounted prices, free shipping, and the random nature of the selection, our free returns & exchange policy does not cover Mystery Boxes. 

Are you picky?

We do our best to ensure a nice diverse set of products in each box - and we want you to be happy with your purchase! That said, if you are looking for a specific item, your best bet is to purchase that specific item!


If there is an item in the box you know you will not have any use for, please mention that in the special notes section and our team will do our best to make sure to not include that item. Even with this note, you may still receive that item as inventory options for boxes is limited. 


Thank you for understanding and we are sure you will enjoy!


*** The photo demonstrates a sample of what could come in your mystery box - each box is different and contains an assortment of different items.